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Salam and Hi,

Memandangkan ini adalah first entry saya di sini, let me introduce myself first. I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor (SID No. 999340).

Pretty Blossom Resources (002228434 – H) has operated since March 2013.

Di belakang tabir (for this blog), is me, Farah, I am a mother of two handsome boys with a very lovely and supportive husband. I am very blessed to be surrounded by them.

While our other business which focus on hijab and accessories, is conducted together with my sister, for this page only, as a Shaklee Independent Distributor, I will be focusing more on beauty and health, which our expertise cover areas such as beauty, slimming, pregnancy, breastfeeding and much more.

Jadi, dengan latihan yang diterima dan kepakaran yang kami ada as a a Shaklee Independent Distributor, we would like to share, to help and to guide anyone, who will be needing our expertise.


Bagaimana saya terbuka hati untuk menyertai ‘keluarga’ Shaklee.

I have been reading posts (a lot), posted by my friends, tentang betapa bagusnya product ini. Yes..I saw and I don’t bother about it. Every time they are posting their posts, saya akan tengok sambil lalu, sekali imbas. Until one fine day, maybe Allah s.w.t buka kan pintu hati saya, untuk mencuba product Shaklee.

First time nak dapat barang tu, memang excited (well knowing me, saya memang jenis cepat excited, tunggu pembelian novel online pun I can be that excited!)

After two weeks of consuming the products I can start to feel the differences, and of course dengan izin Allah s.w.t. Before that kulit saya kering, berminyak dan berjerawat (kecil-kecil). After that kulit dah tak berminyak, dah tak kering dan jerawat kecil pun hilang.

Memang teruja lagi, dan mula berminat hendak tahu dengan lebih lanjut lagi. So now, here I am, writing this blog with the purpose to share thoughts, berkongsi ilmu pengetahuan yang saya ada, dengan harapan dapat membantu sesiapa saja yang memerlukan.

Last but not least, kepada sesiapa sahaja yang berminat untuk mendapatkan khidmat konsultansi daripada kami, Shaklee Independent Distibutor (SID NO.999340), boleh menghubungi saya seperti yang tertera di bawah.

*Continuous support and free consultation diberikan istimewa buat pelanggan kami hanya di  pretty0blossom.com*

Feel free to comment and contact us here, or,

Email : pretty0blossom@gmail.com

Call, text or whatsapp : 013-2826262

Till then!



I’m Shaklee’s University Graduate!


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